January 10th, 2014
john + angela - the closeout to 2013
December 21, 2013 - Ah our last wedding of 2013… blessed to be able to finish the year on a really solid note. Our morning began in the beautiful community of Emerald Bay in Laguna Beach at a (needless to say) gorgeous home with an amazing view of the ocean and the whales migrating past. Seriously breathtaking. We met up with both John + Angela there for all of the pre-wedding fun, including all of the joy of the exchanging of gifts, their first look in the well-landscaped courtyard, and of course, putting on the wedding dress and the tuxedo.

From Emerald Bay it was off to one of our favorite venues in SoCal, Talega in San Clemente. It was a very touching and light-hearted ceremony. Sure there were plenty of laughs from the couple, but there were plenty of tears from their guests too.

Following the ceremony, the party moved inside where stud DJ/Emcee/Violinist Extraordinaire Tim Espinosa kicked things off into high gear. John + Angela danced their night away in celebration of their new union, only taking the necessary time to cut their cake, listen to some heartwarming toasts, and laugh and hug all of those closest to them who were present.

It was the perfect way to end our 2013 wedding season. We really enjoyed our time with John + Angela and getting to know them more personally throughout the day. We also enjoyed finishing the year up at Talega, where we are always treated with graciousness and care by Michael Voorhees and his staff there. As well, all of the vendors went above and beyond bringing Angela's (+ John's) vision to life.

Big thanks to John + Angela for having us be a part of their big day. We wish them many years of happiness as their family grows!

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December 12th, 2013
kenny + julianna - a time to be thankful
November 23, 2013 - Of course there is a lot to be thankful for on the week heading into Thanksgiving. But for Kenny + Julianna, it was an extra special week of thanks to be had, as they were finally becoming husband + wife.

We met up with both of them and their wedding parties at the Avenue of the Arts Wyndham where they prepped for the days' events. Kenny + his fellas weren't shy about popping open some nice wines while throwing on their tuxes (gotta be careful with those reds), while Julianna + her ladies played a more mellow approach, they still managed to get some champagne toasts in before heading off to the church.

The limo dropped the wedding party off at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church just outside of the UCI campus in Irvine. The ceremony went off without a hitch, and Kenny + Julianna were soon processing back down the aisle together as husband + wife.

Once the ceremony was finished it was on to the reception. The limo brought everyone in the wedding party back to Costa Mesa, to the majestic and one of a kind: Segerstrom Concert Hall. Being big fans of the arts, we're always pumped to get to shoot at venues we sometimes frequent when we aren't working. The reception was held in the front lobby of the Concert Hall, and Kenny + Julianna's guests certainly came to have a good time. It was fun to get to watch such a well rehearsed first dance, and then get more of the wedding party involved as the speeches weren't just limited to the Maid of Honor and Best Man. The rest of the wedding party were given an opportunity to share a little bit of history with the couple. Once the formalities were done, it was on to the party. Their guests were hard pressed to find a reason to get off the dance floor. Even after the couple had their big sparkler send-off, the guests kept the evening going.

We're thankful for Kenny + Julianna asking us to capture the most important day of their lives thus far. They were such a fun couple to get to know throughout the day.

As well, it was really great to get to work with a ton of new vendors who helped keep the day on track and running smoothly. Big thanks to Sara from One Love Photography for being so fun to work with. As well, Gloria from Grand Engagements for making everything run so smooth. And an extra special thanks to the head Usher at Segerstrom for our behind the scenes tour of the facility. This place is awesome!

Cheers to Kenny + Julianna!
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November 15th, 2013
steve + julie - til the end of time
October 26, 2013 - Welcome back to SoCal Steve and Julie! After moving up to Seattle earlier this year, Steve and Julie finally returned home to do something very important – tie the knot! And how perfect it was to pair their love with a phenomenal setting in Temecula Wine Country. Steve + Julie are such a fun couple, and Steve has been known to do some odd IT jobs for us at EA since we began, so we were certainly not going to miss out on this wedding.

We began our day with Steve and Julie at Leoness Cellars – a top notch winery from the spread in Temecula in our opinion. While their close friend Joe presided over their vows and ceremony, the guests got to enjoy the backdrop of what appeared to be never ending vineyards competing with a beautiful sunset. It was touching to watch these two families join together and become one. And they didn’t skip a beat – it was a quick ceremony… maybe because they were ready to get the night going? Either way, it was reflective of their simple yet profound love.

The Barrel Room is where “members only” go at Leoness. It is this beautifully artistic room full of delicious wine that has been aging in barrels for years from floor to ceiling. And this is where the reception was held and where all the guests got to enjoy fine food, dancing, great wine (Leoness of course) and great company. Sneak a peek in the barrel room next time you are there and you may just want to become a member. Their wine is fantastic! Clearly a testament to the taste that Steve + Julie have.

As a friend of Steve and Julie’s, it’s always a pleasure getting to help people you love archive THE wedding day through capturing those moments and memories. We only hope that they will move back here at some point in their future so we can share in many more milestones together.

Cheers to the happy couple!

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November 1st, 2013
christian + nathasha - love is right next door
October 19, 2013 - No literally - Christian + Nathasha were next door neighbors growing up, who became friends, dated and now, are married. Pretty unique story if you ask us. Maybe it was a little more than just coincidence. Their history is expressed by being an incredibly comfortable couple who know how to share their feelings for one another and make us all want that extra little spark in our steps.

We caught up with Christian and a couple of his buddies out in the hills of Malibu as Christian was riding a 40+ mile bike ride that morning. Quite a feat for the morning before your wedding. But I guess not for Christian who is an Iron Man, seriously. All the while Nathasha had been at the Sheraton in Agoura Hills prepping for the big day since the early morning with her ladies. Something just doesn't seem fair about this, but it works. :)

Their ceremony and reception were both held at the gorgeous grounds of Calamigos Ranch, located in the Malibu Hills. This property is massive and had so many cool unique locations all over the place - even a giant ferris wheel and merry-go-round. Pretty exciting for a wedding. Christian + Nathasha's ceremony was held in a quaint courtyard, situated under a hundred year old oak tree that was elevated above all of the guests, with cascading twinkle lights dangling down from all around it.
Fortunately for Christian, his jelly legs from his early morning bike ride did not hinder him from making it to the ceremony, though he did comment later that he was certainly feeling the effects standing up there in front of everyone. It was a beautiful ceremony, presided over by EA friend Fr. Seamus, who just knows how to bring an extra bit of joy to wedding ceremonies. Never a dull moment with him.

Their reception was held just a little walking distance away along a sycamore lined pathway lit with candles leading to the Cottage Pavilion. It was a magical wedding under the tent as Christian + Nathasha celebrated in true fashion. From truly touching speeches to an absolutely delectable candy table to non-stop dancing all night, everyone present that night left with an extra pep in their step. The love between Christian + Nathasha was radiating through the air and it was difficult to not be transpired by it.

From start to finish this day had it all for us, and we feel it could not have been more perfect for Christian + Nathasha. It was such a love filled day, and so exciting to see next door neighbors become husband + wife What a story for their kids one day, right? Thanks to Christian + Nathasha for choosing us to be there to capture this memorable day. We could not have had a better couple for a beautiful October day in Malibu.

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October 1st, 2013
ari + caroline - family good enough to be friends, friends good enough to be family
September 14, 2014 - Family good enough to be friends, and friends good enough to be family. We believe Ari + Caroline's wedding day could be summed up perfectly in that single sentence. Our hope is that you can understand just how special this day was to not only them, but also those who came from near and far to show their support, by watching their trailer. They place incredible value on these relationships which was evident in every aspect of their wedding day.

We met up with Ari + Caroline in time for their ceremony at Serra Plaza in San Juan Capistrano, once they were finished getting ready for the day. Their ceremony was decorated gorgeously by French Buckets, who did an amazing job bringing the room to life. There were so many little personal touches throughout the ceremony. For example, Ari + Caroline had a confetti bar for their guests to shower them once they were pronounced husband + wife. Pretty fun little idea.

They kicked their reception off in high gear in the courtyard of Serra Plaza. It was chandelier heaven. They were all over the site, and adorned the space in a very elegant way. Ari + Caroline provided (the always much needed) dancing sandals for the ladies, as well as scarves for the guests to help keep them warm as the evening's night air cooled. The most memorable part of their evening outside of their love and support from the friends and family present, was their rocking band, Stew and the Crew. Stew and the Crew kept the guests wanting to dance the whole evening through. They had such a unique sound and stage presence that we even found ourselves dancing while shooting at times. We would completely recommend them to anyone looking to get the live music aspect into their reception. Once Stew and the Crew were done for the night that party moved back indoors where Ari + Caroline opened up a little after hours spot, filled with tasty treats, cold drinks, and cigars. The perfect way to wind down from the day's events to say the least. So much fun.

It was a great afternoon and evening for our team, and we really enjoyed getting to know Ari + Caroline better throughout their day. We knew it was going to be a fun party when we first met with them many moons ago, and they certainly did not disappoint. They are a superb couple who know what it means to really value those closest to you. What more could you ask for?

Special thanks to Emily from Intertwined Events for doing her usual standup coordinating for this event. We always enjoy getting to work with her and the girls from Intertwined.

And another thank you to Ari + Caroline for being wonderful people and celebrating what matters most, love + family.

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September 24th, 2013
mark + ali - when i'm with you
September 1, 2013 - A simply perfect Southern California day, and a fantastic way to kick off the month of September. What better way to spend this beautiful day than at one of the most beautiful venues around, the St. Regis in Monarch Beach. Ali + Mark certainly did well choosing this place for their ceremony and reception.

We met up with Ali that morning in the Executive Suite at the St. Regis. With a breathtaking view, and tons of space to work with, Ali's morning began very peacefully as she prepared to walk down the aisle. The other half of our team met up with Mark at his parent's home in Laguna Niguel. There it was some craft beer, talk of golf, a shot of limoncello, and eventually some getting ready for the day. I guess that was pretty peaceful as well. Actually it was right up our alley. :) All and all, Ali looked stunning and Mark looked equally handsome.

Their ceremony was perfect, held out on the Grand Lawn. It was just the right amount of sunshine and clouds, laughter and tears, and an overall sense of joy felt by all of those present. From there it was on to the reception in the Pacific Ballroom. This room was done up spectacularly. From the floral work by Fantasy Floral to the most amazing candy station brought to life by Gini Garner, it was perfect in every sense of the word. Fun speeches, memorable dances, and a rocking party throughout the evening, what more could Mark + Ali ask for?

It was great getting to work with the always lovely Gini Garner and her team. As well, we always appreciate shooting alongside Jim Kennedy and his second shooter Amber Miller, as their style is top-notch. Big thanks also to Elevated Pulse for keeping the party going.

It was a fantastic day from start to finish and we're really grateful for Mark + Ali to include us in their big day. They were such a fun, outgoing couple who we truly enjoyed getting to know throughout the day. From their family to their friends, the love was coming from all around. We wish them much happiness on their new journey together as husband + wife.

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September 12th, 2013
ryan + jackie - #bunnywedding2013
August 24, 2013 - I guess when a wedding has it's own #(hashtag - #bunnywedding2013), that you see thrown around on social media well before the big day, it could only mean one thing, this was going to be a wedding that we were going to remember for quite some time. Thankfully, the big day lived right up to the hype. It was such a fun day from start to finish for our team, and so fittingly perfect for Ryan + Jackie.

We've actually known Jackie for many years as we all grew up in the same area, and even had the pleasure of shooting her best friend Michelle's wedding back in July of 2012, as she was the Maid of Honor for Michelle that day. Note: Jackie, as the MOH that day, "iced" the bride Michelle during her MOH speech, definitely a first for us, and something Jackie likes to point out to people. :) We had the pleasure of getting to meet Ryan at the same wedding, and it was apparent from the get-go that these two were certainly made for one another. Ryan could keep right up with the crazy antics that Jackie is always seeming to get herself into.

We met up that morning with the bride + groom at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach. Jackie was able to get some early morning yoga in with some of her girls, which we are certain helped calm her for the craziness that was shortly headed her way. Ryan and the guys took the more laid back approach and sat around swapping movie quotes and relaxing as they waited for the time came that they had to get ready. It's always fun for us when the grooms get the Sexy Book (we like to call it that ;)), from their soon-to-be-brides. Their faces are typically priceless as they are shocked to see a gift that keeps on giving.

The ceremony was held at the brand new church at Our Lady Queen of Angels in Newport Beach. This new church sanctuary was recently opened at the beginning of the year and it's definitely a beautiful church inside. There is ample space inside to roam around and get different looks, while remaining unobtrusive to the ceremony and the guests. As you can see in the trailer, Ryan + Jackie had some extremely touching vows to share with one another. It's evident from Ryan + Jackie's vows, that these two are madly in love with one another.

We headed back to the Fairmont Hotel once the ceremony was over where the cocktail hour and reception were ready to kick off. And boy did things kick off. Did we fail to mention that this group really knows how to party? Well, they do. It was a rip roaring evening for all in attendance. Jackie and her dad had one of the most amazing and memorable father/daughter dances we've seen in a long time. Jackie's dad has moves like Jagger, that's for sure (now we see where Jackie gets it). That dance was just the tip of the iceberg, as the whole evening carried an energy that was so high and full of joy and love, and the Fairmont was the perfect place to get everyone together to celebrate. The smiles were never off the faces of Ryan + Jackie throughout the entire evening, and it was evident after we left that evening that those smiles will still be there for many, many years.

A big thanks to Ryan + Jackie for having us there to capture those smiles in action. They are such a beautiful couple, and we couldn't have been more happy to capture a moment they can now look back on for the rest of their lives, and feel those same emotion they felt that day. We wish them many blessings in their future! Cheers!
Comment: Thank you Elman and Adam for the kind words and capturing our day so perfectly. We couldn't be any happier!!!!!! You guys rock!
Name: Ryan
Comment: Thank you guys so much! The trailer is so amazing and something that will always bring us right back to that special day. We couldn't have asked for a better crew to capture our big day! Thanks again for all your hard work and doing such amazing work!
Name: Jackie .. again
Comment: It's so funny to think that I was watching all your trailers ( and crying and making Ryan watch them with me) before we were even ENGAGED! lol. Truly talented and artists! You captured the #bunnywedding2013 so spot on, reflecting us and our love! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
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August 27th, 2013
curtis + amber - they wear their sunglasses at night
August 10, 2013 - We don't know what it is about San Diego weddings, but they always are a great time filled with quality people. Curtis + Amber's big day in Rancho Sante Fe was no exception to this trend, as we were pretty much in stitches with Curtis and his groomsmen from the moment we arrived. What a lively bunch to say the least. No complaints from us.

Both Curtis + Amber had chosen the Marriott Del Mar as the spot for their getting ready. Amber and her ladies were having their own fun, but in a much more mellow way. They certainly weren't passing a bottle of Gentlemen Jack around the room like the guys were, but we were able to capture some pretty great, inspiring stories about Curtis from his groomsmen in all stages of his life. We always value moments in the getting ready when the bridesmaids or the groomsmen get a little more involved in the action, rather than just being there and getting ready for the day.

From there, the day moved over to the Villa De Flores, a gorgeous estate located in the foothills of Rancho Santa Fe. It was a fantastic outdoor venue, and though it was a pretty warm day out, it didn't last long once the sun started making it's way to the horizon. The air temps were perfect for the remainder of the evening under the stars. Their ceremony was very sweet and sentimental, with both Curtis + Amber writing personal vows for one another. Once Curtis' fist raised up in the air as a sign of success after their kiss, it was time to get the party started. And they sure didn't waste a single second.

Their reception, filled with lots of cool, little touches spread all around the site, was just a plain 'ol good time. There were some great eats, a lively group of guests, and the feeling of love in the air. What more could you ask for on your wedding day? Well maybe a killer dessert table, but they had that, and it was goooood. Now and then we have to do quality control checks at the dessert tables. Toss in some personalized sunglasses and you've got the makings of a memorable day for all involved.

It was a lot of fun working with Bryan from Pacific Entertainment, who kept the evening light hearted, and the good tunes pumping through the speakers. We certainly hope we get to cross paths again down the road, as we really enjoyed his laid back style.

It was such a blast to be a part of Curtis + Amber's wedding day. They are two fun-loving people, with a great set of family and friends and we wish them all the best on their new journey!

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August 18th, 2013
bill + amanda - how forever feels
August 3, 2013 - Temecula, in the dead of summer? You gotta be crazy, right? Well not Bill + Amanda. They actually were able to predict the weather for their wedding weekend many many months out and get the absolute best weather that they could have ever prayed for. Ok, they may have not been able to predict it, but they sure lucked out that's for sure because it was a perfect weekend.

Bill + Amanda also happen to be very close friends of the EA family (hey, if you look real close you may see our own Business Manager Kirsten in the wedding party). We were beyond ecstatic they wanted us to shoot their wedding because we knew that the Currie family knows how to throw one heck of a party. We were fortunate enough to have shot Amanda's brother Brandon's wedding back in 2010 in La Quinta (check out Brandon + Kaelin's trailer here), so we knew what we were getting ourselves in to. A most certain rip roaring wedding extravaganza that was adorned with personal touches and classy vintage style throughout.

They had chosen the Temecula Creek Inn as the spot for their celebration to take place. This was our first time shooting here and hope it won't be our last. This location was pretty spectacular. It offers 27 holes of golf on site, several locations throughout the property to host events, and a very classy, elegant feel to the place. Bill definitely took advantage of the golf, as he was out on the links on Friday (rehearsal day) and Saturday morning, whereas Amanda chose to relax and get her nails tended to.

The actual location of their ceremony at the TCI was at the Stonehouse. This old rustic Stonehouse transformed this space. It made you feel like you were transported back in time. Now I am sure many wedding venues and pins on Pinterest have tried to replicate this type of building, but this was legitimately from the 1800's. An actual antique stone house located way off in the golf course, only accessible by shuttle. It created the perfect little woodsy feel for their wedding, perfect for the country girl in Amanda. And speaking of country, Amanda was actually able to write her own vows completely made up of country music quotes (did we mention she really likes country?). Quite a feat. Now if she could have sang them, that would have been a trailer all in itself. Regardless, there was hardly a dry eye in the place because Amanda + Bill are two great people, with a sincere love and beautiful families. Hey, if you can't cry for joy on your wedding day, when can you cry?

As the day moved on in to the evening, the party really kicked in to high gear. And by high gear I mean the high heels came off, and the boots got put on! The dance floor was always packed, the bar line was always moving, and the smiles on Bill + Amanda's faces just kept growing throughout the evening. It was the perfect reception to celebrate this newly married power couple who is bound to have a remarkable future.

We have to mention that a lot of that is thanks to DJ, Emcee, Violinist extraordinaire Tim Espinosa! We are always filled with elation when we know were getting to work with a great friend like Tim, but also because we know we'll get an intense, high-gear party, because that's what he brings.
As well, big ups to Eric Cotter from Jim Kennedy Photographers! Eric has become another close friend of the EA family as we've worked together over the years, and he always allows us to be at our best as well. He's pretty good with a camera too.

It's evident that this is the most memorable life occasion thus far for Amanda + Bill, and we were beyond excited to be a small part of it. Not only as dear friends of theirs, but also being able to film it for them. They are two amazing people whose new family is hopefully going to be growing before long! Cheers (with a mason jar filled with wine)!

Venue: Temecula Creek Inn
DJ: Tim Espisnosa: The Electric Violinist
Hair/Makeup: Flawless Faces
Photo: Jim Kennedy Photographers
Floral: My Splendid Sentiments
Name: Amanda Petersen
Comment: Flowers were by Bethany at Splendid Sentiments in Vista, CA. She did an amazing job as well!
Name: Amanda Petersen
Comment: Thank you to the Elman Adam team! We love you guys and are obsessed with our trailer! Can't wait for the full version!
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August 16th, 2013
mustafa + nicole - let's travel the world together
July 26, 2013 - When we got the call that we would be shooting at a property in Peralta Hills, we were like "Where???? That's where we live!". Well, after shooting Nicole + Mustafa's wedding, actually it's where we wished we lived! The location where Moose (Mustafa) + Nicole would get ready and later make there haven for fun and family was one of the greatest houses (mansions) we've ever been to. Pair that with two great people who owned the home (Rich + Martha) and you could not ask for a better place for us to shoot a reception and for a couple to celebrate their new marriage! The ceremony took place at the historical St. Boniface Catholic Church in old town Anaheim, where family friend and priest, Fr. Michael Gailey led the mass. What an awesome job he did relaying the message of what Pope Francis had spoke of, just a few days prior to their wedding day at World Youth Day events held on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (which half of our team had the fortune to be at in person).

After tying the knot and sealing it with a kiss, it was back to the house where dreams are made. Moose + Nicole are world travelers (they met in New Zealand for Pete's sake) to say the least. Their pairing of travel and all things "wedding" was such a unique and enjoyable way to personalize their reception. Along with the great atmosphere, was the always impeccable DJ Ryan Damron from Just Dance Events, who kept the party going til the break of dawn (or at least midnight). It was also great working with Dom + Gwen from DominickB Photography, who as husband/wife combo were stellar in their ability to work with our team to get the shots we all needed.

A big shout out to Mustafa + Nicole for not only being super great people, but for having the Lime Truck at their reception as well. What a cool idea and such great food!

It was a wedding for the ages!

Congrats, may God bless you and cheers....
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August 5th, 2013
chris + tina - f.p.i.t.w
July 13, 2013 - July 13, 2013 - Oh, F.P.I.T.W! Sure to Chris + Tina it may mean, Favorite Person in the World, but to us, it means Favorite People in the World. And after leaving their wedding that night, we certainly felt as though that acronym was absolutely fitting for Chris + Tina. Such an awesome, quirky, fun-loving couple who made us feel like part of the group from the second we arrived. I am sure it had helped a bit that we had shot Tina's sister Anna's wedding back in July of 2011 so there were some familiar faces. It's always great to be welcomed back into the family events!

After a long shoot the night before in Santa Barbara, we found ourselves up early and en route to one of our favorite cities in Southern California, San Diego. Specifically, we met up with Chris + Tina and their wedding party at the Hyatt in Mission Beach. Tina and her girls had a suite in the Tower with an amazing view overlooking Mission Bay. It was such a magnificent morning location for getting ready. Chris and his wild guys were down in a bungalow, which was probably safer for everyone. The air was already full of energy when we arrived so it was seamless for us to jump in to the action without missing a beat.

From their ceremony in the cool shade of the trees, to their non-stop dance party reception, this day had it all. From their own personalized volleyballs to some of the coolest, most-legit cake toppers of Wall-E and Eve (hand made nonetheless by the very talented Tina), this wedding represented everything that helped make Chris + Tina the dynamic couple that they are. It was a killer evening for all included, and we felt blessed to be able to share in such a momentous occasion.

We wish the absolute best for Chris + Tina. We're just happy to see that Chris' heart is no longer as sad as a Poop Taco (verbiage from 1 of the 2 cards that Chris actually gave Tina that morning). Classic move Chris, and just another reason these two are up for two of EA's F.People.I.T.W. :)

Also, a special thanks to Kevin and Glenn from Justin Element Photography, these guys were a joy to work with and we always enjoy getting to shoot beside the JE team.

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July 19th, 2013
derrick + frances - selfless
June 8, 2013 - It's always a wonderful and joyous occasion when someone from our own EA family decides to tie the knot. And no, neither Derrick or Frances work for ElmanAdam in any capacity, but they are both part of our family as they have a big part of our lives for many years, and are constant supporters of what we are trying to build here as a company. As you can hear in their vows to each other, we are in total agreement that both Derrick + Frances are truly two of the most selfless and and upstanding individuals we've had the pleasure of knowing. And when their wedding day had finally arrived, we were beyond thrilled that they wanted us there to document the most important day in their lives so far.

They both started their morning at the Renaissance Club Sport in Aliso Viejo, where Derrick and his handsome groomsmen laughed, sipped on some Chocolate Rain from The Bruery, applauded Rob for following Derrick's demands of wearing some undies, and eventually decided to get ready for the rest of the day's events. Frances morning was a little more low-key, with a little more pressure to be sure they stayed on time. But they did a fantastic job, and Frances looked just a gorgeous as always.

The rest of the days key events took place at the Franciscan Gardens in Old Town San Juan Capistrano. As we've said in the past, this place is such a picturesque venue, and the surrounding areas are so fun to shoot.
It was a tremendously touching wedding ceremony where the tears were flowing from the beginning until far beyond "you can kiss your bride." And you can't help but notice the way with words that the both of them have as their vows were out of this world. We have always prided Derrick for his writing abilities, and have even utilized his skills as we developed the company several years back.

As the night continued on, the joy throughout the day only continued to grow. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, we're pretty sure it was a night Derrick or Frances will never forget. It was a night filled with dancing, giant oversized Derrick and Frances heads (courtesy of our own Rob), sweet smooches, and a love that captured everyone present.

It's always an honor for us to get to document and capture people's happiest days, but when you get to do it for two people you've known for as long as we've known Derrick + Frances, and admire everything about them, both individually and as a couple, you can't help but feel extremely grateful. Long after the day they said their vows and sealed their union with a kiss, we will celebrate this new power couple. Watch out New York, they have returned to you stronger than ever!

Congrats to Derrick + Frances. May you continue to fall in love with one another more and more each and every day. And find your way back to SoCal ASAP. :)
We love you guys!

The EA Family

Photograhpher: Jill Thomas Photography
Catering: 24Carrots
Hair/Makeup: Kelly Zhang
DJ: Elevated Pulse Productions
Coordinator: Lauren Godsil Event Planning
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July 8th, 2013
rogelio + susana - creo en ti
June 15, 2013 - Rogelio + Susana began the day with us at the massive and yet intimate Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Downtown LA. They could not have had a more perfect, sunny Southern California summer day for them to celebrate their union as man and wife.
They were evidently very proud to join their lives in the Catholic Church. It was a fantastic Mass that was full of wisdom, joy, and very personal moments between Rogelio and Susana. And it was certainly a first for us to have an actual mariachi band inside the cathedral that provided the music for the ceremony. As well, if you have read our other posts about this cathedral in the past, you know how much we enjoy shooting here because of its majesty. The size of this building, not just on the outside, but on the inside is spectacular. It is adorned with hand made tapestries that highlight the saints of the past and present in the Catholic faith. Ultimately, we left the Mass feeling like something greater than we could explain, happened.

Once Rogelio + Susana had sealed their union with a kiss, it was on to Almansor Court in the city of Alhambra to celebrate. It was a spectacular venue, situated right on a golf course, overlooking a lake. It was quite the backdrop on such a beautiful day.

One common theme that ran from the beginning through the end was family. It was very obvious that Rogelio and Susana hold their families in very high esteem and know that even now they are starting their own new family, that everyone else still plays a very important role in their lives. The evening was filled with more dancing than one could handle.. I mean, who can resist dancing when Mariachis are playing all night long? It was certainly a very classic, beautiful and personal day filled with joy and love.

Congratulations and Cheers… to a beautiful life together!
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June 5th, 2013
jim & jeannie - prayers answered
May 26, 2013 - Oh what a lovely day for Jim + Jeannie! Such an fun-loving, godly couple who had waited patiently through the years for one another. The day they finally were able to tie the knot could not come soon enough for them. And they had all of their family around to share in their love. It's always such a great reminder for all of us to know that each chapter of life can bring wonderful new beginnings filled with love if we take the time to appreciate each day like they do. And it was helpful that they were simply head over heels for one another.

We joined them for the ceremony and reception on this day. So we started with their first encounter with one another outside of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Aliso Viejo. They held hands around a corner, out of sight of each other and were able to share some beautiful words with one another just before they were to meet at the altar. The anticipation at these time of "sightless" encounters is so special. It really builds the excitement of the ceremony with the couple not having seen each other, but calms any anxieties because you know the other is there. And then of course, the look on Jim's face when he saw Jeannie coming down the aisle for the first time exemplifies the love he feels for his new bride.

Once the Mass was over, it was time to head down to one of our favorite venues in Southern California, Talega Golf Club in San Clemente. We are always thrilled to get to work here as the place is top-notch, from their staff, to their spread, to their facilities. It has everything. It was also the perfect setting for Jim + Jeannie, as it gave them a beautiful locale to celebrate the evening away with family and friends. I'm not sure Jim + Jeannie could have asked for more. It truly was a beautiful night for the lovely couple, who deserved it more than anyone.

Big shout out to our favorite DJ/Emcee/Electric Violinist Tim Espinosa for facilitating such a smooth and fun evening. It's always a treat for us to get to work with him as his professionalism is top-notch, and his violin shredding is out of this world. If you have not checked him out yet, do it. Right now. I'll wait.

Big thanks to all of the other vendors who helped bring Jeannie + Jim's perfect day to life. As well, extra thanks to Michael Voorhees and his staff at Talega - they make you feel right at home, and will go above and beyond the call of duty for the guests and vendors. Such a treat all around, for ElmanAdam to be a part of this day and team.

Big congrats again to Jim + Jeannie! May your lives and families grow and be blessed by this new marriage!
Name: Jeannie
Comment: Thanks, Zach! We loved working with you and your team -- what professionals! As you said, big shout out to all of our team, including Ria Martinson, Seva Events, our coordinator extraordinaire.
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May 25th, 2013
bethany + jon - kiss me like you wanna be loved
May 4, 2013 - When we first met with Bethany + Jon at our studio back in 2012, we knew instantly that this wedding would be a highlight of our early 2013 wedding schedule. Just chatting with them a bit, we could instantly tell this was a "power-couple" who just had a certain aura about them. Not to mention the fact that they were just wholesome good people who we could easily get along well with.

Fast forward several months now to May, their big day. They had chosen the Franciscan Gardens in Old Town San Juan Capistrano as the site for the day's festivities. This place was a perfect reflection of their personalities. Located right in the heart of Old Town, the Franciscan Gardens is a quaint venue that packs a big punch. Its location is prime for a variety of scenic backdrops for photographers (and us) with the train tracks and old train station walking distance from the venue. Plus, Old Town itself is just an awesome location in general to visit on any day of the week.

Bethany + Jon's ceremony was sweet and intimate. This feeling continued with the same sentiment carried into their reception. It was a gorgeous evening that could not have gone off better for the couple.

Special thanks to DJ Andy Rossi from Vox DJs, 24 Carrots, Marie Coleman, Todd Coogan, and all of the other vendors who helped make this day a memorable one for all involved, but especially for Bethany + Jon.

Venue: Franciscan Gardens
Photographer: Tony Florez Photography
Coordinator: Marie Coleman from Anaheim Hills Golf Club
Catering: 24 Carrots
Makeup: Cindy Rankin

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April 11th, 2013
eric + jen - a night at the museum
March 21 + 23, 2013 - Interestingly enough, our time with Eric + Jen began on a beautiful Thursday afternoon in Ranchos Palos Verdes, when the couple actually tied the knot on a different day than the reception. The perfect, quirky start, for the perfect, quirky couple.

We first met Jen back when her sister Ashley got married in 2011 and used ElmanAdam to film their wedding. We were very grateful when Jen got engaged and decided to book us too! Jen is so full of life and personality. We were beyond excited to capture their big day because we knew it wouldn't be anything short of spectacular. Lucky for her, Eric can keep right up with her, and together their silliness was ever present through the events.

Anyways, let's bring it back to the Thursday they got married. They chose the beautiful Wayfarers Chapel, also known as the "The Glass Church", situated along the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Rancho Palos Verdes. This place is downright amazing. Designed by Lloyd Wright, the son of Frank Lloyd Wright, this church is unique and modern, and has an amazing view.
It was a fun ceremony, and a first for us, as Eric + Jen literally locked their love up with a lock and "threw away the key". Once they had officially became husband + wife, they held a little private dinner down the street where they could celebrate with their family and closest friends.

Once Saturday rolled around, we met back up with Eric + Jen at the JW Marriott in Downtown LA, where they both got ready for reception. Once they were ready for the evening, it was off to the Natural History Museum of LA, where their guests were able to celebrate "A Night at the Museum". It was fun to be able to roam the Museum after hours, walking amongst dinosaurs and fossils- such a unique setting for Eric + Jen.
They had a rocking 80's band, Neon Nation, that kept everyone dancing all night long. This was paired with killer food and some tasty late night snacks as well. Things that will definitely keep the guests entertained and their bellies full and happy.

It was fun to get to shoot with Victor Sizemore again, as we teamed up several years back on the other Barbone wedding. He is fantastic at what he does, and always fun to work with.

All in all, it was a great evening for Eric + Jen, and for all of those present to help them celebrate. They are such a fun couple, and we look forward to seeing them again down the road. There was hardly ever a time when they weren't both smiling. We hope that is a testament to their relationship and hopefully a glimpse into their future together. Congrats!


Photography: Victor Sizemore
Coordinator: Kristeen LaBrot Events
Design: Design Visage
Floral: Primary Petals
Pies: I Heart Pies
Cake: Cake Goodness
Band: Neon Nation
Photobooth: Mobile Photobooth
Catering: Tres LA
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March 31st, 2013
joe + tiffany - all my stars are leading me to you
March 16, 2013 - From an Inn to a Parish back to a French manor. What a day of great locations, awesome people and fun events. Joe + Tiffany's day started in Downtown Orange at Ruta's Old Town Inn where Tiffany and her bridesmaids got ready for the traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony. What a unique ritual to get everyone involved, as Joe's groomsmen present gifts to the brides family, the uncles announce who represents each others families and Joe + Tiffany see one another for the first time.

After the Inn, the party moved over to St. Joseph in Santa Ana. What a beautiful place for Joe + Tiffany to give their vows of love forever, especially for the two of them both being architects. This building was impressive. Presiding over the ceremony was Fr Richard Bullene, friend and professor of Joe + Tiffany at the college where they met, Notre Dame (GO IRISH!). You could feel how important this ceremony was for Mr. Bullene to celebrate and how important Joe + Tiffany were as his students.

There was only one more place to go after the church and that was to The French Estate in Orange. What a picturesque place to bring the party to life. Cocktail hour greeted us with some of the smoothest music our ears have ever heard, delivered by the one and only Mike Tulin and Carol Ann Zuchowski. if you get a chance, book them for your wedding, you won't be disappointed, you can email them at mikaaron@earthlink.net. All in all it was a smooth, relaxing evening as Joe + Tiffany and their friends and family came together to celebrate a fantastic union.

ElmanAdam would like to thank Joe + Tiffany for making us part of their special day and we appreciate you giving us a tour of the greatest county on earth, Orange County!


Photo: Amanda Patrice
Bakery: Candle Light Bakery
Floral: Flower Allie
Hair/Makeup: Salon9

- elmanadam
Name: Tía Sandra
Comment: What a beautiful and emotional wedding!
Name: Tía Isa
Comment: Está precioso el video, super romántico, me hizo llorar, felicidades.
Name: Jean (Bridesmaid)
Comment: It was as beautiful on video as it was in person. It was truly a pleasure to be there for this couple on their special day.
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February 22nd, 2013
don + emily - the underwater proposal
December 12, 2012 - Back in November Don had contacted us and asked if we could cover his proposal to his then girlfriend that he had been planning for 12.12.12. When he told us it would be underwater in one of the tanks at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, we said we'd be happy to get involved. I mean it's not every day, people get engaged underwater, right? With sharks, and fish, and stingrays swimming around them nonetheless.

Regardless, Don had gone the extra mile in putting some thought into this day (I mean, the guy went and got us shirts from the Aquarium so it looked liked we worked there), which would make sense why we would be there filming? It worked.

All in all, we were extremely excited to be able to be a part of Don + Emily's exciting day, along with all of their friends + family who were on hand to help Don pop the question. Of course she said yes, and the rest, well, maybe you see the outcome here on our blog one day......

All the best to Don + Emily!
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February 12th, 2013
haleigh + ryan - black eye special
January 26, 2013 - A wedding many many years in the making... Ryan finally "pulled the trigger" as Austin, his brother said and made Haleigh his wife! Ryan, one of a huge family and Haleigh, an only child came together at St. Edward the Confessor in Dana Point to tie the knot and start the next phase of their lives together, joined as one.

It was a beautiful brisk day in Dana Point as both Haleigh and Ryan got ready at Haleigh's parents and grandparents houses respectively just down the street from the church. The view from their homes were remarkable and brought a serene clarity and calmness to the getting ready processes. While Haleigh got her make up done, so did Ryan. Leave it to the self-taught mechanic and off roader to get a black eye from flying car parts hitting his face the day before his wedding. Classic move. Nothing a little make up can't fix for the days events though...

Then it was a short jaunt to the church where they entered into the Sacrament of Marriage in a beautiful Mass celebrated by the always loved Fr. Seamus. Fr. Seamus was the old pastor of the church both Haleigh and Ryan grew up in, quite fitting.

After the Ceremony, the whole wedding headed over to Marbella Country Club... a gem tucked away in San Juan Capistrano. Haleigh and Ryan had many beautiful, personalized touches to their reception that made it uniquely their own. Their night was romantic and fun full of lots of love.

Special thank to Ashley from APictureLife Photography and her 2nd shooter Kevin. Ashley is always a blast to work with and always produces amazing results.

Cheers to Ryan and Haleigh... may you enjoy a lifetime of love and happiness!
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January 18th, 2013
james + keri - a little piece of paradise
January 5, 2013 - Have you ever been to paradise in San Diego? James and Keri got us pretty dang close as they took us to Paradise Point Resort and Spa, a private island resort, located in Mission Bay. Fortunately for us, it was another picturesque San Diego day, and the weather for the middle of a SoCal winter was perfect.

James + Keri were both fortunate enough to get to "get ready" in the Presidentail Suite (at different times, of course), that features a private beach and one heck of a view out looking out over Mission Bay. They were like royalty and were certainly soaking up each moment they had that morning. After all the hair and makeup and dresses were on, James + Keri exchanged beautifully personal (and occasionally witty) vows in front of their family and friends.

Once the nuptials were finished, Keri put on her party dress and being that their love was forever branded at Disneyland years back, they made their grand entrance into their reception wearing Disney paraphernalia...followed by perhaps one of the funniest first dances we have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Their first dance (a mashup of routines from the past to the present) set the bar pretty high for the dance party and taught their guests how to get the party started James + Keri style. All and all, it was a beautiful day capped with a amazing sunset to wrap it all up nicely. It was a joy to watch all of the loving exchanges between James + Keri and their children, who were very intimately involved in their wedding day from start to finish.

Cheers to a lifetime of happiness and love for this beautiful family... of now 8!
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